Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing carries on globally in the rich culture and traditions of its birthplace. KIOCC is a member of the East Coast Outrigger Association (ECORA) which is a network of outrigger canoe clubs spanning the Atlantic seaboard of the United States and Canada. Races are held in various locations on the East Coast many of which KIOCC participates in. The ECORA Event Schedule provides a full listing of races for the season, please see link below. ECORA has established a Code of Conduct for all members. Click this link for the code of conduct on the ECORA website

In addition to the ECORA Racing season, KIOCC participates in events like the Wye Island Maryland Regatta, the Blackburn Challenge in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and a variety of boating festivals, to promote the sport and share the spirit of aloha.

ECORA Race Schedule